7145_Sparks_064_FEMMAT_CORP_rLast night, I went to bed excited, happy, raring to go and feeling ecstatic about the previous few days and what lies ahead. Not the best state to go to bed in from a sleep perspective, but I felt content and satisfied so surprisingly drifted off to sleep very quickly. This morning, I leapt out of bed at 6.30am ready to go again – excited, focused and ready for action. As I prepared for the day, I was smiling and chirpy, chatty to the family and itching to start my day.

So why so much excitement? And why so much energy and happiness, I hear you ask?

The very short story is that I had been working on finishing my new book, launching a website, planning conference and speech presentations, finalising a number of groups and putting together a book launch.

BUT, my key message here, and what this blog is really all about, is that I am living my passion, focused on my purpose and loving every single minute of it, even though technically it’s all ‘work’, at the moment anyway.  And this is what I wanted to share; if you’re passionate, focused and working on your purpose, goals, hopes and dreams then this is truly a great thing.

When you’re passionate about something and you have a purpose, it’s exciting, uplifting and inspiring. You’ll feel full of energy, bursting with happiness and be firing on all four cylinders. Whatever you are working on will not feel like ‘work’, it’s more than that. You know the saying ‘love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life’? Well it’s true…. if you love what you do; life is fun and you will be motivated to continue to push forward and process, driving you to success in all aspects of your life.7145_Sparks_015_FEMMAT_CORP_r

When you’re passionate about something, you’ll have fire in your belly and adrenalin running through your veins. Not only will you be excited and motivated, you will be filled with pride as well as happy, content and satisfied with a reason to thrive and succeed.

Where there’s passion there’s often purpose and an end outcome that you are working towards. Your passion will propel you forward and encourage you to reach your goals, it will also push you forward to realise and fulfil your purpose. It’s exhilarating to feel passionate about something and no matter what you are working towards, it’s fantastic and feels great to be heading in the right direction and to be accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

Your purpose may not be work related; it may be a need to assist others or a desire to make a difference to our environment. It may be spiritual or physical. It may be family orientated or focused on you as an individual or your self-development. Whatever your purpose or motivation, it really doesn’t matter; what matters is feeling that you are contributing, valued or accomplishing whatever you are passionate about or achieving in areas that you are striving to excel in.

Live your passions and life will be amazing. You’ll feel happy and comfortable in the knowledge that you’re being the best you can possibly be. We all need passion, we all need purpose and we all want to live our best life, so think about what makes you shine and feel at your happiest, and pursue those passions with joy and vigour.

We all deserve to live life at the fullest and to enjoy each and every day. If we follow our passions and purpose, we are living our truth, which is the best way to live life; he only way to live life.

Make sure you find your passion and pursue it with a vengeance!