light-bulbNo matter what type of business we work in, most of us are involved in sales in some shape or form; whether it be retail sales, offering our services to potential clients or acting as tele-marketers. Sales techniques will vary and there are lots of sales training opportunities for those that are keen to learn, improve or better their current methods, but all will agree that most people are usually striving to increase their sales if they work in this field.
One of the keys to successful selling is ensuring you maximise every sale, in every possible way. Often it can be a lot easier to maximise a sale, ensuring your client has a total solution with everything they need and that is perfect for them, rather than pursuing lots of smaller or ‘quick fix’ sales which often do not meet client expectations or needs. The ‘quick fix’ offer also is not necessarily the most economical in the long run, so don’t cut corners as this will not do you (or the client) any favours.
So here are my tips to maximise your sales at every opportunity:
1) Remember that everything we do to ensure our sales or business success hinges on the relationships we build. Focus on developing strong relationships with all people that you deal with such as suppliers, preferred partners, staff and colleagues, as well as obviously your clients or potential customers. Earn their trust, understand their wants or needs and tailor make the perfect solution to suit their requirements.

2) Ask questions, offer the best solution that is relevant and talk to them about the benefits and why it is the right offering for them. People will purchase or buy to satisfy or fulfil their own reasons, no matter what you try and tell them so be clear about ‘what’s in it for them’. Appeal to their needs and requirements, not yours.

3) Use up-sell, value-add or suggestive selling techniques. The whole ‘would you like fries with that?’ mentality is not always a hard-sell; you are simply ensuring that customers are aware of all the options, are getting value for money and including all that is relevant to suit what they are seeking. Ancillary sales work well here too; things they need to support the main offering but may not even think about or understand the desire for. If you’re buying a bike, then you’ll need a helmet’; if you’re buying a holiday, then travel insurance is a must…. make the most of these opportunities by ensuring you make clients aware of these optional extras, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

4) Focus on products that yield greater margins, mark-up or commissions back to you. There are often items or products that yield more to your bottom line due to terms or offers that you may have in place. Consider using these offerings as discounts or promotional opportunities to bring potential sales through the door. Use them to your best advantage.

5) Find your niche. Understand what makes you different to your competitors, your unique points of difference and really focus on these opportunities. Promote these to your clients whenever possible and tell them why you have the edge and how this benefits them.

6) Offer excellent services and great value – be so good that they can’t refuse what you are offering! Be the best!

7) Follow up. Always follow up within 24 – 48 hours of initial contact if you have offered a formal quote or offer to a prospective client. If you don’t someone else will and that might just lose you the sale.

So remember, don’t just throw something together or offer the basics when someone takes time to ask you for sales assistance. Make the most of every opportunity and maximise your sales to their full potential, to benefit you and the client!

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