light-bulbAs the sun is starting to set on 2016, making way for a fantastic, new and bright 2017 – it’s time to start your goals for the coming year. Today’s blog is about goals and targets, working hard and daring to dream!

We all need goals – dreams to be realised, challenges to be overcome or just something to focus on, and people that are usually goal orientated, or have goals they strive to attain, are usually more successful in life that those that don’t, and this is something that has been proven on numerous occasions.

Why? Because to have a list of goals is to ‘plant a seed’, have something to work towards and focus on achieving. Some people write them down as a list. Others paste pictures and words onto Vision Boards. And others just think about their goals, or perhaps daydream about them.

Whatever your method of choice, if you have goals and dreams to work on, you’re already well on your way to accomplish them.

There’s also a lot to be said about the ‘SMART’ goals acronym!

S              – Specific

M            – Measurable

A             – Attainable

R             – Relevant

T              – Time-based

Goals must be specific – eg. Instead of saying ‘I want to lose weight’, say ‘I will lose 10kg’ so that you have an actual amount of weight you wish to aim to lose. Using this example, when you are specific, you’ve actually also made it measurable. You have an end goal in mind, but you can enjoy the journey along the way as you achieve each 1kg of weight loss.

Celebrate the little steps along the way, it will keep you focused and also keep you motivated to keep going as you can see your results progress and see exactly what you are achieving.

Attainable…. Make your goals realistic or achievable. 10kg is achievable, even though it will be hard world, determination and possible changes in lifestyle. But 100kg may not be so realistic! So even if you have a massive goal to achieve, break it down into manageable separate goals so you can celebrate each milestone. And make sure you reward yourself along the way…. Another way to keep you motivated!

Relevant…. Make sure your goals are important to you, that they are your dreams and aims, not someone else’s. And make sure they are things that are do-able and fit in with your life goals and expectations.

Time-based… eg. I will lose 10kg in 5 months, at a rate of 2kg per month. Again in this example, it gives you a ‘journey’ to follow with dates/measurements to work towards and keep you on track.

If this sort of process is not ‘your thing’, then Vision Boards are great and a little more creative and lots of fun to work on. These are great, especially if you are not really a ‘lists’ person. You can create one ‘Goals Vision Board’ or a number of boards showing different topics of areas of focus eg. work, lifestyle, holidays.

I have read lots of amazing stories describing people who have created their ‘wish lists’ visually and then been amazed when something eventuates and it’s an exact replica of a picture on a Vision Board or something they have carried round visually in their mind….. often years after the seed was first planted or even thought about.

Regardless of your preferred method, it’s all about manifesting and creating goals and dreams to strive for. Enjoy the process and look forward to ticking your goals off the list as you reach them – everyone needs something to focus on!

And there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off your goals as you achieve them and experiencing your dreams as they come true…. Then it’s time to work on a new batch!

(This blog is a repost from 2013)

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