Goal PowerLast week, I realised and achieved a seventeen year old goal. I know the goal has always been there, but I guess I didn’t really think about for how long until two of my friends brought this to my attention over the past few days, when they commented ‘you’ve always wanted one of those’ and ‘you wanted one of those when your son was in Pre-School’. My son is now in Grade 12, so yes, the seeds were set for this goal a very long time ago. And perhaps this is why it has made the journey and the accomplishment so amazing and inspiring for me, sometimes it pays to wait for great things to happen!

I truly believe we can all achieve or create whatever we set our minds on, and I’ve always been a real goal-setter and loved putting together the odd vision board. If I think back, my dream has always been on the boards and on my bucket list, but it’s always been superseded or ‘in the background’ because other things were more important. Other things within my career and my personal life have been at the forefront and top of mind, but a couple of weeks ago, I finally decided that ‘The time is right’ and ‘I deserve this’ and all of a sudden it was a real priority and within a week of deciding this, I am now driving home in my dream car – a BMW X3, yippee!!!


The weekend before I went shopping there were other signs that my goal was about to come to fruition. I had been de-cluttering my garage, not for any particular purpose but I’m a firm believer in that if you clear out and create space, this frees up room for new things, ideas or opportunities to enter and looking back, maybe this created the ‘right time’ for my goal to manifest. The universe or other forms were at work too. I know I clicked on the Facebook ad that told me about the current deals on offer, and a ‘run out’ sale to better any other ‘run out sale’, but the constant appearance of this ad in my field did hit home; I couldn’t not notice or turn a blind eye as it bombarded me for a week. All of a sudden, everything seemed to line up, even the items that came up when I did make my way to the dealership to check things out… I mean what harm is there in looking right?

So yes, a massive goal has been realised and the excitement and feelings it has stirred have been amazing. There’s something very powerful, satisfying and rewarding in knowing that the purchase was not on a whim, or a rash, quick decision. To know that I have worked my backside off to achieve this goal, and patiently waited until the time was right has made the achievement even more special, even more rewarding and just that little bit more sweeter and inspiring. Yes, I am proud and I’ll give you a wave as I drive by, as I am so grateful that my dream has been realised and I am absolutely thrilled.


Never give up, set your goals and realise that they may not happen or be achieved overnight, but the feelings you’ll experience when you finally achieve them will be more than worth the wait.

Dream : Believe : Receive

and when you do receive, savour the moment and be thankful!

We can achieve anything our heart desires, but we do need to put in the hard work and effort to make things happen. So what are you going to make happen?
I’ve got to go now… it’s time for a drive!