Clipboard KATEMAXSTOCK-2552This is a motto that I live by, each and every day, and it has always worked in my favour.

In business and in life, it is so much better to give a realistic deadline or expectation and then exceed this if possible. People who promise the world and then don’t deliver do themselves a huge injustice, especially in today’s world when everyone expects everything to be done yesterday.

We now live in a world where instant gratification is expected and people expect answers and solutions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. But we all know that this is not always possible.

You are much better to advise that a quote/price will be sent in two days’ time and then send through within twenty-four hours if you can, than do the reverse.If you do not deliver then you have already disappointed your client, as you did not meet your own self-imposed deadline and have already put yourself on the back foot.

Most people are happy to work to your timeframe and are happy to wait if you discuss with them first. Your service and proposition is worth waiting for,after all (right?!), and most will appreciate this. If you let them down,however, you’ve already possibly disappointed them and lost their trust and faith.

Always, without fail, under-promise and over-deliver, and life will be much more harmonious, definitely less stressful, and hopefully more fruitful!