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2017 is coming to a close and we are all preparing for a great 2018, so are you making a list to make sure you’re on top of things after the festive break? Here are my top 5 suggestions to prepare for a bumper 2018.

1) Make a ‘To Do’ list for January. As you are winding down and enjoying parties and gatherings, we tend to put off tackling big projects but make a list of these to jump into on your return back at work. Some things may slip your mind if you don’t write them down, so make your list and allocate them in order of priority, ready for tackling in 2018.

2) Clear your filing trays and your Inbox before closing up shop for this year. Time to follow the 4 D’s and apply these to your email Inbox and your filing/office trays to clean up ready for a new year.

Do it




Follow the 4 D’s and your Inbox and trays will be clear in no time!

3) Prepare a festive newsletter and send out to all your clients, suppliers, associates and colleagues. This is a great way to say ‘thank you’ for an excellent year, outline your hours of operation over the festive season and let everyone know what’s going on and happening in the early part of 2018 to keep them informed and updated.

4) Set your goals and objectives for the year ahead. Think about what you want to complete by the end of next year and then work out steps required and map out how you will achieve. Make sure all goals are:





Time bound

5) Record an ‘Out of Office’ for your voicemail and for your email. Everyone is entitled to time out but make sure you communicate to people if you are going to be unavailable and let them know for how long so that they can work around.

You’re on the home straight now! All that’s left to do is to make sure that you switch off and give yourself time to re-set, rejuvenate and relax. Not only do you deserve, it will prepare you for that bumper year you have planned!