Goal PowerGoals are of vital importance to all businesses and also to the individuals involved, providing aims, objectives, and dreams to accomplish.

Statistics show that most people don’t think about goals or work on accomplishing their goals. Of the small percentage of people that do focus on their goals, an even smaller percentage write them down. It’s proven that hugely successful people usually write down their goals—so why don’t more people do this?

Everyone sits and daydreams once in a while (go on, it’s OK to admit it!), so why not turn these daydreams into goals and focus on them? Make them come to fruition; put some time and effort into it.

Goals should be SMART: Goals






Let’s go into these in a little more detail.

Specific—You must clearly outline and define the exact outcome of your goal. Break it down into smaller goals or milestones that you can work towards along the way if this helps.

Measurable—Ensure your goal has a specific outcome so that you can measure your progress and work out exactly how you plan to reach and attain your goal.

Attainable—Nothing is worse than aiming for something that you know is impossible or thatcan never be achieved. What factors or people may affect the result? Make sure the goal is achievable.

Relevant—Why is your goal so important to you? Is it something you really want to work on and achieve? Know your purpose and why you want to attain this goal.

Time-bound—Ensure you give yourself dates to achieve your goals by or to review by. You need to have an exact due date or progress steps so that you can make sure you are on track and know when your desired outcome should be complete. This will keep you on track and enable you to plan and focus.

Goals will set you on the right path to success, both professionally and personally, so it’s worth investing time in planning and setting your goals as well as reviewing on a regular basis. Again, make sure you write them down—if you don’t write them down, your goals will remain dreams. It’s great to have dreams but even better to have goals.

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