PURPOSEPurpose is as important as passion; to have a reason and an outcome regarding where you want to head and what you want to achieve. To have purpose is to have direction, intention, and a perceived outcome. To have purpose is exciting,
a clear way, a real focus, and something to put a spring into your step each and every day.

Hopefully the previous topic on ‘passion’ will have helped you to determine the things that make you tick, the things that you are good at, and the things that really resonate with you. When you’re doing what you are passionate about, a lot of the motivation, drive, determination, and actual passion will come naturally, but working on your purpose is what will bring it all together.

Create your purpose and know your ‘why’ by working on your SMART goals to map out the journey with end goals or objectives in mind. I covered SMART goals in detail in my first book, but the main objective is to map out goals the
SMART way, i.e. they are:


Another good way to define your purpose is to ensure it combines your personal vision, goals, and areas that you feel strongly about. Make sure your purpose is aligned to your values, the way you like to operate or run your business, and also supports things that are important to you. Align your purpose to blending with things that you wish to focus on
personally as well as in a business sense—spending time with your family, supporting chosen charities, or working in certain areas, on specific projects, or with selected people. Make sure your goals all align and fit together without any conflict.

When you find your true purpose you will feel at peace knowing that you are investing your time, energy, and effort into something that is meaningful to you. It’s a great feeling to know you are working on items that are important to
you. Having a sense of purpose and direction will be uplifting to your spirit and greatly satisfying and rewarding to you as an individual, which will be reflected in your business.