A vision statement is a statement that positions exactly what you are aiming for your business to be or represent in the future. It’s almost positioned as the ultimate goal—exactly what you are aiming for as a pinnacle, usually as the business or organisation as  a whole.

It should be very clear and concise but also detailed enough that it gives a clear description of exactly what is intended to be the end goal/objective. It will usually incorporate the core values of the business.

Some visions are short—e.g. ‘To have product in every home in Australia’—whereas others will be longer. A great vision statement will usually only be one or two sentences at most.

A vision is not something you keep changing as it is the ultimate goal that everyone is working towards, usually over a long period of time. It needs to be given a lot of thought before finalising and then communicated to all those who have a vested interest (and mission) and also made available for clients and employees to see. It’s great to have your vision statement framed and in a prominent place where all can see;it is not something that should be hidden. Tell your clients what your vision is, so they understand your aims and know what you are striving to achieve—people like to work or buy from motivated and inspired people. Displaying your vision statement will also ensure your employees know exactly what they are working towards and to make sure they are all focused on the same outcome.

All businesses should have a vision statement as something for all involved to be focused on and working towards.