Not everyone is a born leader and I’m sure we all agree that some people do a great job at being a leader and others can make life hell or can be very uninspiring. There are some characteristics that are vital for leaders to have, such as:

• Honesty and integrity
• Trust
• Excellent communication skills
• Confidence
• Commitment
• The ability to think and plan ahead
• Creativity
• Positive attitude
• Decisiveness
• Bring out the best in others

A leader must lead by example and must possess most, if not all, of these qualities and characteristics to be considered a good leader.

Other qualities of a great leader are the ability to inspire and motivate their people, to support and encourage their people, be involved, be optimistic, and be positive. A proactive leader will demonstrate the ability to delegate and work within a team whilst still leading the way, and ensuring that everyone feels important and has their own role and part to play.

Nobody likes a tyrant and most people want someone to lead and inspire them, someone to look up to; so it’s a fine line of balance to ensure that you have authority and respect but that people are also not afraid of you or feel too constrained. A good leader will encourage people to strive to be better and be supportive of their ideas and thoughts. Let them learn from their
mistakes but guide them in the right direction.

Great leaders are determined and committed, ready to do what it takes for their company goals to be realised and ready to put in the hard work to get things done. You don’t always have to be liked but you do always need to be respected and be seen as someone that will get the job done.

Leaders will usually work hard, make clear decisions, and surround themselves with the right people.