light-bulb-250x250Sometimes you’ve just got to back yourself. When you know you have something of value, something to contribute, and something that can make a big difference to your world then grab the bull by the horns and back yourself. When you have that fire in the belly, feeling butterflies of excitement in your stomach, but feel scared or slightly intimidated, take a deep breath and push forward.

We all have ideas but sometimes don’t share them for fear of being ridiculed or being considered wrong. Fear of failure can often paralyse us into submission and silence, too frightened to take a chance. What if it’s wrong? we ask ourselves. Instead, ask yourself this: What if you are right? What if you back yourself and it’s an overwhelming success, a giant leap forward, or an overnight sensation? You’ll never know if you don’t try. Don’t let fear hold you back, don’t let others frighten you into submission. This could be your big break, your huge success, your big chance! Easier said than done sometimes, I know, but try to overcome the things that are holding you back. Take deep breaths, dig deep, and dare to put yourself out there and express yourself. So what if it doesn’t all go to plan? Who cares? You will have learnt lots, taken feedback and comments on board so that improvements can be made, and who knows, you may have inspired others to join in and help. As the Nike slogan says, ‘Just Do It!’ Back yourself and see where it takes you.