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Quick & Easy Recipe – Chocolate Custard/Yoghurt Dessert

This recipe found its way into my lap a few weeks ago now, and my children had been saying the week beforehand that they were missing yoghurt (and chocolate yogos!) as we had ditched these when we started our sugar-free diet.   Well this homemade version of Chocolate Custard/Yoghurt Dessert is to die for, and definitely ticks all the boxes…for us anyway! Give it a whirl, it is so easy, takes only a couple of minutes and we are now making batches and bathes every week. Chocolate Custard/Yoghurt Dessert Ingredients * 800ml of milk * 4 tablespoons of cacao powder [...]

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Thermomix – Ultimate Kitchen Gadget

I’ve been checking out these babies for years – Thermomixes have been held in high regard amongst the healthy people of this world as the ‘ultimate gadget’ for a number of years now, but the price had always held me back. Now I say ‘checking out’, but really this means listening to the achievements this gadget can accomplish, as I’d never actually seen one in action before. I’d been told that it could replace every other kitchen appliance, cut, blend, chop, process and cook. I’d also been told that it cooked meals such as curry’s starting from scratch and using [...]

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