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Happy 2016 – Be the Best You can be!

Most of my blogs are on travel and business, but for those that have been ‘followers’ for a few years now, you’d know that I occasionally throw in a lifestyle blog, and this is one of those! With 2016 looming, I reflected on 2015 which for me was an amazing year of success that I am proud of – the launch of my first book, business growth and diversity, and travel adventures to amazing destinations that I had not visited previously. My life on a personal and business level thrived and now it’s time to focus on the coming year [...]

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‘To Do’ Lists – Time to get Organised!

November always seems to be my busiest time of year, on both the work front and the personal front. I work in travel and events, so it’s a popular time for business conferences and events to be held prior to the Christmas ‘silly’ season. It’s a time where people taking extended holidays try to depart on or before 30 November to take advantage of low season rates. And it’s also the time when the business ‘end of year’ get-togethers are in full swing, again trying to get everything done before the Christmas festive season truly begins. Add to this the [...]

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Can We Have It All?

I know that this is a bit of a controversial topic, in that lots of people have different thoughts on this subject – but here goes, this is my two cents for what it is worth! As women, we often have a huge amount on our plates – juggling children, a partner, work, friends, community activities (eg. helping out at school or with sports) to name a few. Many have more things to juggle also such as volunteer work, acting as a carer, mentoring, managing staff, charity work and networking. And we are expected to do all of this whilst [...]

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Do you love what you do?

Twice last week, my clients have paid me a lovely compliment along the lines of – “it’s so good to get a response and for an agent to be patient with me.” “You don’t get upset if I need to change things.” - Similar comments from two different clients.... and it got me thinking! 1)      Of course I love what I do – what’s not to love? I spend my days planning exciting trips and holidays for people, each day I journey around the world, often several times over! 2)      Are there really travel agents out there who get all [...]

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250 Days Insulin Free!!

Today marks 250 days since my son has had to inject insulin – more than two thirds of a year!!! Hip hip hooray!! For those that have been following our story, in March last year my eldest son was struck with Type 1 Diabetes, which come from nowhere and completely shocked us all, certainly knocking us for six. Not ones to give in or give up without a fight, by the beginning of May we made the decision to completely overhaul our diet and committed to daily exercise. And that meant the whole family, not just my son, as we [...]

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Quick & Easy Recipe – Chocolate Custard/Yoghurt Dessert

This recipe found its way into my lap a few weeks ago now, and my children had been saying the week beforehand that they were missing yoghurt (and chocolate yogos!) as we had ditched these when we started our sugar-free diet.   Well this homemade version of Chocolate Custard/Yoghurt Dessert is to die for, and definitely ticks all the boxes…for us anyway! Give it a whirl, it is so easy, takes only a couple of minutes and we are now making batches and bathes every week. Chocolate Custard/Yoghurt Dessert Ingredients * 800ml of milk * 4 tablespoons of cacao powder [...]

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Lachie Back On The Paddock After ICU Diabetes Scare  

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Thermomix – Ultimate Kitchen Gadget

I’ve been checking out these babies for years – Thermomixes have been held in high regard amongst the healthy people of this world as the ‘ultimate gadget’ for a number of years now, but the price had always held me back. Now I say ‘checking out’, but really this means listening to the achievements this gadget can accomplish, as I’d never actually seen one in action before. I’d been told that it could replace every other kitchen appliance, cut, blend, chop, process and cook. I’d also been told that it cooked meals such as curry’s starting from scratch and using [...]

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65 Days Insulin Free

And yes, we are counting!! Of course we are counting as we are currently on an exciting journey of seeing how long we can go for, without my son having to inject himself with insulin. My eldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes five months ago, and we did listen and understand when we were told there could be no cure and that he would need to give himself four insulin injections a day for the rest of his life. But this has not stopped us from working on our own ‘cure’ and doing the best we can to [...]

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Diagnosis – Type 1 Diabetes

I’ll never forget the night that my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced and for a while I was really scared, and I mean really terrified that I was going to lose him. It all came from nowhere, totally out of the blue. There is no history of Diabetes in our family and I certainly had no idea of the symptoms of even what Diabetes actually involved. One thing is for certain, we have all been on a massive learning curve over the past few months. Late one Tuesday, [...]

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