He’s Making a List…. Are You?

  2017 is coming to a close and we are all preparing for a great 2018, so are you making a list to make sure you’re on top of things after the festive break? Here are my top 5 suggestions to prepare for a bumper 2018. 1) Make a ‘To Do’ list for January. As you are winding down and enjoying parties and gatherings, we tend to put off tackling big projects but make a list of these to jump into on your return back at work. Some things may slip your mind if you don’t write them down, so [...]

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Right People in the Right Jobs

People have different strengths and weaknesses, different attributes, and different areas of expertise, so it is so important to ensure you have the right person in the right job. Creative types will assist you with your planning and your vision,but chances are that they will not be interested in or excel in administration or financial area. Analytical types will often be the opposite. It’s also important to recognise your own areas of expertise and capabilities. If you struggle in some areas, bring in help or lean on someone who knows what they are doing or are experts in these particular [...]

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Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go!

This is a caption I saw a few years ago and not only did I love it because of my name (Sparks / sparkle!), it has now become my mantra and I try to apply to all that I do. When dealing with clients, staff, or colleagues, always try to listen, understand, exceed their expectations, and give them a reason to want to work with you. And it actually goes deeper than this ... smile, encourage, motivate, inspire, and uplift those who are around you. Make them feel special, welcome, heard, and valid. It’s easy to rush through and only do what needs to [...]

Under Promise & Over Deliver

This is a motto that I live by, each and every day, and it has always worked in my favour. In business and in life, it is so much better to give a realistic deadline or expectation and then exceed this if possible. People who promise the world and then don’t deliver do themselves a huge injustice, especially in today’s world when everyone expects everything to be done yesterday. We now live in a world where instant gratification is expected and people expect answers and solutions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. But we all know that this [...]

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Keep a Diary or Organiser

Being organised is an essential skill to have or demonstrate for success in today’s ever-busy world. Whether it be in your personal or business life, having a tool that keeps you organised and on track is of paramount importance. I’m still an old fashioned gal in that I still keep a Filofax- style diary that sits on my desk. My diary has all meetings, appointments, day and night time events, and my kid’s commitments all listed. I love having it on my desk as I can see exactly how my day should look in an instant, and most importantly, know [...]

Congratulations Class of 2017!

Today my son will walk out of his school gates for the very last time. It’s exciting and sad all at the same time, and no doubt it will be an emotional day, filled with tears of sadness and tears of joy (the tissues are packed!). He’s been at the same school for all of his school life – fourteen years in total – so the way forward is more daunting possibly than for some as they move into a whole new world. It’s a world filled with opportunity, choices, freedom, options and new relationships, jobs or study to navigate. [...]

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Goal Power

Last week, I realised and achieved a seventeen year old goal. I know the goal has always been there, but I guess I didn’t really think about for how long until two of my friends brought this to my attention over the past few days, when they commented ‘you’ve always wanted one of those’ and ‘you wanted one of those when your son was in Pre-School’. My son is now in Grade 12, so yes, the seeds were set for this goal a very long time ago. And perhaps this is why it has made the journey and the accomplishment [...]

A Unique Perspective…..

Last week, I talked about a book I’d recently read that had impacted greatly on me (Mia Freedman’s ‘Work Strife Balance’, again make sure you read if you haven’t already!). My blog mainly focused on the ‘Balance’ part. This week, I want to talk about the second book which had a similar effect  and that is ‘first, we make the beast beautiful’ by Sarah Wilson. Sarah Wilson made a huge difference to my whole family several years ago. Her first ‘I Quit Sugar’ book was released around the same time that my eldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes [...]

Life Balance – Possible or Impossible?

Over the weekend, I posted a picture of all the books I’m currently reading, and I know I’ve mentioned before how important books are in my world. I’m a firm believer in that we should never stop learning and books open us to a wealth of information, knowledge and advice, not mentioning the benefits of taking time out to relax, enjoy and immerse ourselves in a good read. What I want to talk about in this blog (and the next blog) is the impact two of these books have had on my life, and the significance they have made on [...]

Charity Work / Volunteering – It’s Important to Give Back!

One of the things that I love to do in my role as a business owner is to look at ways that I can give back to the community. One of those ways is by volunteering or assisting charities or communities to raise funds. I am very appreciative of what successes come my way, and as a busy person, I love to get involved in areas where I can contribute to make a difference and support other like-minded people. This is very rewarding and something that I find incredibly self-satisfying. It may be volunteering in local community organisations as a [...]