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Meet People’s Needs & Desires — Ask Questions

Qualifying customers is an important part of doing business but even more important is to make sure that you satisfy their needs, requirements, or desires and the best way to do this is to ask questions. Lots of questions, and more importantly ask ‘open questions’ so that they can discuss and communicate properly with you to advise you exactly what it is they are seeking assistance with. Talk to your clients about what they need and what outcomes they are looking for. Do they need advice? In travel we work on the ‘who, where, what, why’ and this can apply to many services and industries. Ask relevant questions [...]

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Thank People for Their Business

    If people decide to do business with you, say thank you! With the numerous options available in all retail and service areas, people do have choices, so if they decide to trust you with their sale or business, always show your appreciation by saying thank you. Some businesses show their appreciation (if the transaction is reasonably-sized) by sending flowers or treating clients to a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates, which are lovely, thoughtful ideas. People love to receive gifts and, more importantly, appreciate being acknowledged. Ensure you thank every person who crosses paths with you. It takes no time and minimal effort, but will show [...]

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Time to Set Your Goals for 2018

Goals are of vital importance to all businesses and also to the individuals involved, providing aims, objectives, and dreams to accomplish. Statistics show that most people don’t think about goals or work on accomplishing their goals. Of the small percentage of people that do focus on their goals, an even smaller percentage write them down. It’s proven that hugely successful people usually write down their goals—so why don’t more people do this? Everyone sits and daydreams once in a while (go on, it’s OK to admit it!), so why not turn these daydreams into goals and focus on them? Make [...]

Right People in the Right Jobs

People have different strengths and weaknesses, different attributes, and different areas of expertise, so it is so important to ensure you have the right person in the right job. Creative types will assist you with your planning and your vision,but chances are that they will not be interested in or excel in administration or financial area. Analytical types will often be the opposite. It’s also important to recognise your own areas of expertise and capabilities. If you struggle in some areas, bring in help or lean on someone who knows what they are doing or are experts in these particular [...]

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Under Promise & Over Deliver

This is a motto that I live by, each and every day, and it has always worked in my favour. In business and in life, it is so much better to give a realistic deadline or expectation and then exceed this if possible. People who promise the world and then don’t deliver do themselves a huge injustice, especially in today’s world when everyone expects everything to be done yesterday. We now live in a world where instant gratification is expected and people expect answers and solutions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. But we all know that this [...]

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Goal Power

Last week, I realised and achieved a seventeen year old goal. I know the goal has always been there, but I guess I didn’t really think about for how long until two of my friends brought this to my attention over the past few days, when they commented ‘you’ve always wanted one of those’ and ‘you wanted one of those when your son was in Pre-School’. My son is now in Grade 12, so yes, the seeds were set for this goal a very long time ago. And perhaps this is why it has made the journey and the accomplishment [...]

Start Your Day Right – Be at Your Most Productive

As we go into our 2017 working year, many of us are pumped, excited and ready to tackle the world. We are filled with plans, new hopes and dreams, both for our personal and business lives. Often attached to this is a giant ‘To Do’ list, outlining all the things we want to get our teeth into, almost a guide to follow  to help propel us to being at our most productive and to get our businesses thriving and hurtling towards a whole new level of success. I’m guilty of this, completely!  My ‘To Do’ list was three x A4 [...]

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Goals – Something to Work on… Are YOU Ready for 2017?

As the sun is starting to set on 2016, making way for a fantastic, new and bright 2017 - it's time to start your goals for the coming year. Today's blog is about goals and targets, working hard and daring to dream! We all need goals – dreams to be realised, challenges to be overcome or just something to focus on, and people that are usually goal orientated, or have goals they strive to attain, are usually more successful in life that those that don’t, and this is something that has been proven on numerous occasions. Why? Because to have [...]

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Maximise Your Sales!

No matter what type of business we work in, most of us are involved in sales in some shape or form; whether it be retail sales, offering our services to potential clients or acting as tele-marketers. Sales techniques will vary and there are lots of sales training opportunities for those that are keen to learn, improve or better their current methods, but all will agree that most people are usually striving to increase their sales if they work in this field. One of the keys to successful selling is ensuring you maximise every sale, in every possible way. Often it [...]

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Relationships Matter

Relationships are at the heart of all business transactions. Our working world is not only filled with relationships; it is driven by relationships, depends on relationships and much of our business success can be determined by the relationships we create and develop. There are lots of relationships that need to be focused on, and many forget that it’s not just client or customer relationships that should be top of mind, but also the relationships we have with our staff, colleagues, suppliers, preferred partners, sponsors... the list goes on. Obviously, our relationships with our clients are of paramount importance, but the [...]

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