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Collaborate To Propel Your Business Forward

In recent years, I know of a few businesses that have collaborated together for mutual benefit, and the results have been fantastic. I was reminded of this last weekend when I had the great opportunity to showcase my business books at an Expo in Sydney, and it was evident that a number of people there already work together not only to support each other, but also in a collaborative sense to help propel their individual businesses forward. Collaboration is when two or more businesses or work groups combine to create and bring to fruition a new project or venture. They [...]

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Closing the Sale

Even though many people are constantly trained on ‘closing the sale’ or ‘asking for the business’ it seems to be an area that many struggling with carrying through. They know the theory, the y understand the importance of qualifying the customer, focusing on their wants and needs, and the difference between open and closed questions, but still fall short when the time actually comes to close the sale. Why exactly is this? What makes people break into a sweat and feel under pressure when the time comes to ask for a deposit, make a purchase or give a commitment? The [...]

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Take Time to Relax

I’m writing this blog whilst lying on a king size day-bed on the deck of our Windward Pavilion at Qualia on Hamilton Island, so thought I should focus on an appropriate topic that fits the situation. Now I’ve got you drooling, the reason I mentioned is that I’m here to relax, chill out and do nothing for a few days, before jumping head first into a two to three month crazy schedule. A couple of months ago, I could see that I was heading for a crazy few months, and being the person that I am was feeling excited, motivated [...]