Inspirational Ireland

On our recent trip to the UK, we decided to head to a spot I’ve dreamed of visiting for some time, Southern Ireland. I’ve always been intrigued by the ‘Emerald Isle’ and have long wanted to see for myself the spectacular scenery and take in this country that seems unique and full of magic, tradition, leprechauns, Guinness and endless rolling hills. We had a week to explore this amazing country and I knew it would not be enough to do the place justice but we gave it our best shot. Our itinerary took in Kilkenny, Cork, Killarney and the Cliffs [...]

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Cruising – Pacific Aria

Last week, I was given the opportunity to undertake a ship inspection aboard P&O’s Pacific Aria and partake in a fabulous Luke Mangan ‘Salt Grill‘ lunch. Lucky me! It was a fantastic day and terrific to check out such a lovely ship. Pacific Aria carries 1500 passenger guests, so is a little different to the huge super liners that I’ve seen in recent times and I have to say that it was very refreshing. The ship was a great size with ample facilities, modernly decorated, clean and fresh. There are nine guest decks, a range of accommodation options (all very [...]

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Outstanding Orlando

Travelling to the East Coast of the USA has been extremely popular over recent months and I can certainly understand why. Focus on the East Coast and you have New York, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia and Florida all to be enjoyed, and Orlando is an exciting destination in itself where even a week is not really enough. It’s also the gateway to the Deep South, New Orleans and the Caribbean. Most famous for being the home of the original Walt Disney’s Disneyworld, you may be forgiven for thinking Orlando is only great for kids, but this is definitely not the case. [...]

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Windy Wellington

My recent trip to Wellington was a great few days away in a beautiful city situated on a magnificent, sprawling harbour. Wellington certainly lived up to reputation with the first couple of days being wild and windy beyond any expectation, but then the sun came out and we were able to enjoy the city in all its glory. Wellington is filled with galleries and museums. Te Papa is the National Museum and currently has a fantastic Gallipoli Exhibition which moved all to tears that visited, and is definitely worth checking out if you have time. The city is also home [...]

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Spectacular Sydney

Personally, I’ve never really thought of Sydney too much as a ‘leisure holiday’ destination, I guess because I lived there in the late nineties for a few years and still travel there regularly for business. But I have lots of amazing friends who reside there and whenever I do go to visit, I always try to take in the unique sights of Sydney, whilst catching up on the social scene. One of the best adventures is definitely the Bridge Climb, an amazing and awesome experience! Definitely not for the faint hearted or people who are afraid of heights, but a [...]

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Amazing Adelaide

Adelaide is a beautiful city and one I always love to visit, so it was great to spend a few days there last week for a conference event. Known as the ‘City of Churches’, Adelaide is one of the Australia’s most wonderful cities, full of stunning buildings, superb culture, great food and wine, lots of things to see and do and is also known as a bit of  a sporting capital! Much of the central city area is set on the banks of the River Torrens, which is a lovely area to walk along – you won’t believe you’re in [...]

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Dazzling Dubai

Dubai is a place I’ve longed to visit for years – people always rave about this dazzling, cosmopolitan city and I’ve been very keen to see what all the fuss was about. So the recent opportunity to stopover there as part of our recent trip to Europe was exciting to say the least. And Dubai certainly exceeded my expectation! The UAE’s vibrant city of Dubai is an amazing spot to visit – and there is something there for everyone. Even though Dubai is fairly compact it is a place like no other; filled with five star opulence, thrilling theme parks, [...]

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Incredible India – Part 2

Apologies that ‘Part 2’ of my ‘Incredible India’ blog has taken so long to post… after a family  ‘situation’ (everything is fine!) my world has been a little frantic, but I did not want to forget sharing the second part of my amazing journey with you! My previous post concluded with our Taj Mahal experience – truly one of the great marvels of the world – and after Agra we commenced our drive into Rajasthan, land of the Maharajas, heading towards Jaipur. Half way between Agra and Jaipur we stopped at Fatehpur Sikri, a stunning city that was built by [...]

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Incredible India – Delhi & Agra

Most people who have known me for some time would know that a visit to the Taj Mahal has been probably THE most prominent goal on my ‘bucket list’ for the past 15+ years! So my recent trip to India has been a dream in the making for a number of years. My expectation was high and I’m pleased to say now exceeded, and I’m excited to share my journey with you. It was always going to be a unique and exciting adventure. I knew it would be very different to anywhere that I have visited previously and it certainly [...]

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Lively London

Watching the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations last week made me feel quite nostalgic, especially having lived the first fifteen years of my life in the UK. I took my boys there last year so that they could visit my ‘homeland’ and we had the most amazing time – especially in London, which is definitely one of the world’s most iconic cities. London!  To me it means ‘big’, ‘exciting’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘lively’. Home not only to the Royal Family but some of the world’s most famous buildings, monuments, museums and streets (think Monopoly!), not forgetting Harrod’s, The Ritz, the River Thames and [...]

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