Incredible India – Delhi & Agra

Most people who have known me for some time would know that a visit to the Taj Mahal has been probably THE most prominent goal on my ‘bucket list’ for the past 15+ years! So my recent trip to India has been a dream in the making for a number of years. My expectation was high and I’m pleased to say now exceeded, and I’m excited to share my journey with you. It was always going to be a unique and exciting adventure. I knew it would be very different to anywhere that I have visited previously and it certainly [...]

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Lively London

Watching the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations last week made me feel quite nostalgic, especially having lived the first fifteen years of my life in the UK. I took my boys there last year so that they could visit my ‘homeland’ and we had the most amazing time – especially in London, which is definitely one of the world’s most iconic cities. London!  To me it means ‘big’, ‘exciting’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘lively’. Home not only to the Royal Family but some of the world’s most famous buildings, monuments, museums and streets (think Monopoly!), not forgetting Harrod’s, The Ritz, the River Thames and [...]

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Vibrant Vietnam

Vietnam is an amazing destination – so much to see and do, a fascinating and incredible history to absorb, diverse climate and a unique culture to discover. Ho Chi Minh City is steeped in history and is where you will learn all about the Vietnam War. Reunification Hall is ornate and lavishly furnished, then head to the War Remnants Museum – a poignant place that will touch your heart. A half day trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels is a must. The myriad of tunnels are amazing, and a unique experience that has to be seen to be believed. The [...]

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