Looking for an expert or for more information?

It’s important to seek help or assistance when you need it in certain areas. We cannot be experts in all areas (no matter how much we try) and below are a bunch of people and/or websites that can assist in a variety of areas, when we need advice, assistance, a service or when we need to be pointed in the right direction!

Below are a number of people that I consider to be experts and the best in their field – I would not hesitate in recommending any of these people if you’re looking for someone to quote on or assist in a particular area.

Please note that they are my personal recommendations for consideration, so no one has asked or paid to be mentioned, and please ensure that the service/person is the right fit for your business as we all have different thoughts, needs and requirements!


IT/Technology – Advice & Solutions
Smart Advice  – www.smartadvice.com.au
Recommended reading – “Technology Made Simple” by Michelle Hamer

Blogging Expert
Sarepa (Sarah Duncan)

Human Resources Expert 
Michalle Faulkner (Author of ‘The People Investment’ & East Coast Human Resources Group
www.michallefaulkner.com & www.eastcoasthr.com.au

Self Care & Essential Oils Expert
Kim Morrison (Educator, Author & Aromatherapist)

Self-Publishing  & Printing
Ocean Reeve (Author of ‘The Word’ ) & In-House Publishing  

Tip – Find an Accountant / Lawyer / Coach / Advisor / Insurance Broker to really help you on your way – and ensure they specialise in looking after the field in which you work, whilst offering expertise in their area of work!   


Australian Government & Organisation Helpful Websites

ASIC – www.asic.gov.au (business names, companies/organisations, professional registers)
Australian Tax Office – www.ato.gov.au (for individuals and businesses)
Fairwork Australia – www.fairwork.gov.au (information and advice on Australian workplace rights and rules, including awards and national employment standards)
Business Australia – www.business.gov.au
Business Queensland – www.business.qld.gov.au/business
Worksafe QLD – www.worksafe.qld.gov.au


Motivational Reading
Suggested books to read and inspire!

‘Strive & Thrive’ – 100 Tips to Ensure Your Business Success (by Zoe Sparks) – of course!

‘Healthy & Wealthy’ – 100 Tips to Ensure You & Your Business are Performing at Their Best (by Zoe Sparks)

‘Award & Reward’ – 100 Tips to Create Award Success, Ignite Your Team & Reward Your Clients through Recognition (by Zoe Sparks)

‘Winging It’ (by Emma Isaacs)

‘100 Things – What’s on Your List?’ (by Sebastian Terry)

‘Not Just Lucky’ (by Jamila Rizvi)

‘Lean In’ (by Sheryl Sandberg)

‘Daring & Disruptive’ (by Lisa Messenger)

‘Money & Mindfulness’ (by Lisa Messenger)

‘Purpose’ (by Lisa Messenger)

Anything by Richard Branson