Business has been a key part of my life for the past seventeen years……

Zoë set up her company, Spectacular Events Pty Ltd, in 1998 and since then has single handedly owned and run her business (which she jokingly claims is like a third child and probably the highest maintenance!). During the first few years, she built her business into a multi-award winning travel business – spread over three divisions – all through sheer hard work and determination.

Her primary role was, and still is today, the Manager, marketing, administration, IT, HR, accounting etc. which is the case for most SME business owners and operators. The success and prosperity of your business starts and ends with you, although Zoë is a firm believer that behind every great business is a sensational team in which each member plays a vital role.

As a committee and board member, Zoë has worked within all scopes of business – SME, franchised, charity, government, not-for-profit and public listed companies.

The business fundamentals and principals are fairly similar across most business types and she loves working within most business types and particularly within the realm of ‘reward and recognition’, mentoring and marketing (particularly social media) fields.

Contact Zoë to discuss how she can mentor or help you to develop your business and take it to the next level, put ‘reward and recognition’ systems into place or to offer advice on submitting Award submissions.