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Choosing a Mentor

Recently, I’ve been asked a number of times if I could be a business mentor to people who are starting out or new to business and looking for business advice. I always feel extremely grateful to be asked and take it as a huge compliment and a testament that people feel I’ve done an ‘ok’ job in my twenty years as a business owner. The businesses are diverse, people are at varying levels in their unique journeys and my priority is usually talk to them about whether or not, I am a good fit for them. To me this is [...]

Be Authentic

  Be true to yourself and try not to be something that you are not. If you follow your core values and be true to yourself in every aspect of your life, you will truly shine and earn the respect of your colleagues, staff, and clients. This is something to always bear in mind. That's all that needs to be said this week... a paragraph to live by!

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The Importance of Business Ethics

A business that is considered to have good ethics will usually be more successful than organisations who do not act honestly and with integrity at all times. The way we carry out our business activities speaks volumes and customers want to deal with organisations that they trust and respect. Employees also like to be part of an organisation that is reputable, honest, and carries out business ethically at all times. Many also prefer to be employed by an organisation that is also supporting the environment and acting in a ‘clean and green’ manner. Always ensure your business practices are ethical and that your staff act with integrity and prove [...]

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Do you have a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is more along the lines of ‘how’you are going to achieve your vision. It should be short, concise, and meaningful but leave people in no doubt as to what you/your company stands for and what you are setting out to achieve and how. There are some fabulous examples of mission statements on the internet and I recommend checking some of these out to help you draft your own. Again, it’s good to get your people involved in this area—ask them what they perceive to be the aims, goals, and objectives of the business. You need to capture the essence of your business in one or two sentences [...]

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Do You have a Vision Statement?

A vision statement is a statement that positions exactly what you are aiming for your business to be or represent in the future. It’s almost positioned as the ultimate goal—exactly what you are aiming for as a pinnacle, usually as the business or organisation as  a whole. It should be very clear and concise but also detailed enough that it gives a clear description of exactly what is intended to be the end goal/objective. It will usually incorporate the core values of the business. Some visions are short—e.g. ‘To have product in every home in Australia’—whereas others will be longer. A great vision statement will usually only be one [...]

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Qualities & Traits of a Leader

Not everyone is a born leader and I’m sure we all agree that some people do a great job at being a leader and others can make life hell or can be very uninspiring. There are some characteristics that are vital for leaders to have, such as: • Honesty and integrity • Trust • Excellent communication skills • Confidence • Commitment • The ability to think and plan ahead • Creativity • Positive attitude • Decisiveness • Bring out the best in others A leader must lead by example and must possess most, if not all, of these qualities and characteristics to be considered a [...]


Purpose is as important as passion; to have a reason and an outcome regarding where you want to head and what you want to achieve. To have purpose is to have direction, intention, and a perceived outcome. To have purpose is exciting, a clear way, a real focus, and something to put a spring into your step each and every day. Hopefully the previous topic on ‘passion’ will have helped you to determine the things that make you tick, the things that you are good at, and the things that really resonate with you. When you’re doing what you are passionate about, a lot of the motivation, [...]


As I talked about in my first book, passion is one of my favourite words and resonates in all of the things that I do. To be passionate about what we do is vital not only to our success but to our wellbeing, our state of mind, our health, and our happiness. To get up each morning with a spring in our step, ready to take on the day, our work, and all it has to offer is a blessing. There is nothing worse than feeling miserable, unhappy with our circumstances, or to have that feeling that we are ‘dragging our feet’ because we don’t enjoy what we do. [...]

Put Yourself In Their Shoes….

The client’s shoes, that is! This is so important—think about how you like to be treated, consider your values and expectations, your wants and needs. Then act accordingly. Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself, with respect, warmth, and understanding, and try to put yourself in their shoes. What answers or solutions would you like to be given if you were them? Always act honestly and with integrity and empathy. It’s important to develop and build a rapport or relationship with the other person. Make them feel comfortable, demonstrate that you can be trusted, and give them the best [...]

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Handling Customer Complaints

I’m yet to meet anyone who enjoys handling complaints, but sometimes, unfortunately, they do occur (although hopefully very infrequently). The way you handle any complaint will make all the difference to the outcome. If handled correctly, often complaints can be turned around and the complainants can even then become advocates and end up singing your praises (rather than threatening law suits) and this should be the aim. So how do you handle customer complaints? Time is of the essence and the speed at which you act and resolve issues will often make all the difference. Depending on the nature of the complaint, you may be able to sort it out immediately [...]

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